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Cleveland Clinic Employees

Congratulations Cleveland Clinic Retirement Plan Employees! You have one of the best retirement plans in the corporate world. The Cleveland Clinic matches your retirement contributions fifty cents on the dollar up to 6% of your pay.

If you are contributing 6% of your pay to your plan, your contributions are actually 9% of your pay when you include the Clinic’s match. This is a very powerful benefit as investors attempt to build a retirement account with substantial assets.

To build these powerful savings vehicles, the Clinic partnered with a proven and solid company in Fidelity Investments. Fidelity built an investment platform within the plan that allows Cleveland Clinic Employee Participants access to approximately 150 investments choices covering a variety of assets classes.

There are only one, or more, problems:

  • Which funds should you choose?
  • How many funds or asset classes should you be invested in at one time?
  • Should you be in Large Cap Stocks right now?
  • Should you be in Small Cap Stocks right now?
  • Should you be in precious metals such as gold, silver and or copper?
  • What bond fund offers the best duration given the current environment?
  • How often should you change your investment allocations?
  • Do you have the time to study these things?

No need to worry. CCF Advisors has the answers. We have a specific program that works with your Cleveland Clinic Fidelity Sponsored Retirement Plan.

Take advantage of our Free Consultation to inquire about the steps you can take to get your retirement account on track and be sure to ask us how to increase the funds available to you from one hundred fifty to several thousand.