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Cash Management

Fixed Investments

Fixed investments are an essential part of well balanced portfolio. At CCF we offer a wide variety of fixed income investment options. Although we can offer nearly every fixed security available in the market, we feel safety of principle is the most important consideration when buying fixed income investments.

We recommend the best FDIC and fixed insurance products available to provide what we feel is the best combination of safety and growth.


Cash: At CCF, we believe your cash holdings should be safe, secure, and in an FDIC protected account. The problem we see most investors have when carrying large cash balances are the limitations that FDIC insurance coverage has.

How do you get more coverage? Call us or take advantage of our Free Consultation to show you how we can offer you a liquid cash account with $1 million of FDIC insurance coverage.

CD Laddering

If you are interested in investing in an FDIC insured product, consider laddering your CD holdings. CD laddering is an attractive way to use CDs to create a safe, secure, and predictable rate of return.

The problem individual CD buyers with scattered holding face are interest rate risk, low or limited liquidity, and FDIC insurance limitations if you have over $250,000.

By laddering your CD holdings with CCF you can make sure you are maximizing current and future rates, set your own liquidity, and keep FDIC insurance on your entire account balance by buying Brokered CDs.

If you have at least $1 million in FDIC holdings call us or take advantage of our Free Consultation to get a second opinion on your CD strategy.

Brokered CD's

Most people are familiar with bank CDs (proprietary CDs). Trying to manage a bank CD portfolio typically involves running from bank to bank before your CD “rolls” to get the best proprietary rate. The more money you have, the more complicated and time consuming it gets.

Wouldn’t it be easier to manage all of your CD holdings in one convenient location? Wouldn’t you want to spread your CD holding over multiple banks in order to limit your risk?

Thankfully for you, CCF is able to offer Brokered CDs from banks on a national market with the same FDIC protection as a traditional bank CD.

If you are tired of moving money from bank to bank in a never ending cycle, give us a call or take advantage of our Free Consultation to start laddering your CD holding more effectively.

Market-Linked CD’s

Market-Linked CDs are a relatively new product. These CDs have been designed to provide FDIC insurance to those who want to earn a higher potential return than typical CD investments, are risk averse but want some market participation, want to diversify a portfolio, and have a medium to long term time horizon.

Just like any product, there are advantages and disadvantages to every investment. Call us or request a Free Consultation to explore the benefits of Market-Linked CDs.