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Fixed Annuities

If you are a fixed annuity buyer, let us explain why you should be dealing with CCF Advisors.

If you currently deal with a bank, brokerage firm or a local insurance agent, your selection of fixed annuities is most likely limited. These companies have “selling agreements” with different insurance companies and therefore can only offer fixed annuities from those specific companies.

How do we know this? We used to work at those companies.

What is the difference in working with CCF Advisors?

  • We are independent.
  • We don’t have to worry about “selling agreements”.
  • We can shop the entire country for the fixed annuity that you are looking for depending on company rating, interest rate, term or any other stipulation that you may request.

Give us a chance to win your business by taking advantage of our Free Consultation. We want you as a client for life.