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Retirement Plans

One of your company's most valuable assets is its 401k retirement plan. An excellent retirement plan is imperative for a company to attract and retain quality employees.

These plans act as the primary savings tool for almost all Americans who have access to them and have become vital components to the compensation plans offered by employers throughout the country.

But there is one major problem. Most plans are not serviced and monitored the way they should be. As a result:

  • Mutual funds within the retirement plan are often underperforming and have rarely, if ever, been reexamined or revised.
  • Participants' investment fund allocations have not been updated to reflect different economic and market conditions increasing their exposure to risk.
  • Most importantly, many plan sponsors and participants have no idea the fees they are being charged by the fund companies or by the advisors assigned to their accounts.

To correct these and other issues the U.S. Government through The Department of Labor has created two new regulations to help solve these problems. Specifically, they are rules 408(B)(2) and 404(A)(5).

In order to comply with the new rules, plan sponsors need to be ready for complete fee disclosure. What can you do about this to make sure your company is compliant?

Take advantage of our 401k Checkup. Our 401k checkup will:

  • Investigate and confirm total plan fees compared to your industry peers
  • Analyze your mutual fund selection and performance compared to your industry peers
  • Compare your plan’s fees and performance to your industry peers Give you suggestions on how to improve your current plan and how bring it into compliance with the new government regulations.

Our goal is to FIX your current plan . . . NOT SELL you a new one.

Give us twenty minutes to explain how. Take advantage of our Free Consultation.