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College Funding Planning

When it comes to college funding planning, most financial advisers recommend a truly basic approach. In most cases, an advisor recommends that a client fund a specific investment product such as a 529 plan whether a student has two or seventeen years before college.

Clients are typically instructed to put as much money as possible into these plans. The number is usually unrealistic and in most cases, this is the full extent of the college funding plan.

This is not our approach.

Typically, the parents we see have a child going to college right around the corner. The grades are what they are. The savings are what they are. Now, what are their options and how do they pay for it?

In order to solve the problem, we construct a comprehensive cost analysis of a family’s college funding situation with a focus on how current rules, regulations, and university guidelines will determine the family’s out of pocket costs.

Our goal is to make college as affordable as possible for your family. College is simply too expensive not to have a specific strategy.

It does not matter if you have a large income, a small income, assets or no assets. There is planning that you can do to drastically reduce the cost of college for your family.

If you have a junior or senior in high school that is planning to attend college, this is the time to schedule a time to speak with us. Know your options before you commit your hard earned money to a higher learning institution.

Please, take advantage of our Free Consultation to ensure your college funding strategy will minimize your out of pocket expenses.